With a focus on providing unique and well organized playing opportunities, Legends has developed a system which has a place for every player, at any level. While we are not a full time club service, and we will compliment your local or regional club offering, we do provide a program for any players looking to do more than their local offering.

Legends playing opportunities include Legends National, Bad News Bears, Flying Pigs, Team K18 as well as other experience focused events such as the Final Four Futures Tournament. See below for a description and to see where you best fit!


Legends NationalOur National team offering is our most exclusive and is by invite only. Legends National teams compete with the top clubs in the country and provide for exposure to NCAA recruiting and a primary focus on winning. There are two ways to be invited to Legends National team, through participating in other opportunities such as Flying Pigs, Bad News Bears, etc… where a Legends coach will evaluate you or through a nomination through your local club director or high school coach.



Flying Pigs The Flying Pigs teams will compete in regionally focused recruiting and competitive events. This is a great option for players looking to gain more exposure and play at a high level of competition. One step below Legends National, Flying Pigs is open to players across the country and does require a nomination to gain access.



Bad News Bears Bad News Bears teams will participate in events focused on family fun and premier destinations. These teams are competitive and open to all players and serve as a great entry point into the Legends System. Bad News Bears teams will be focused primarily on overall experience of each player, guaranteeing everyone gets a fair amount of playing time and positive coaching, ensuring an excellent experience.



Team EighteenTeam K18 is an invite only, elite program filled with players from across the nation. Team K18 isn’t just for the highest ranked player but for the player that is looking to craft their skill at the highest level, while being coached by Legends athlete, Kyle Harrison. Players can expect some of the highest levels of competition, recruitment opportunities, and will also receive custom Legends Team K18 gear, and STX Gear