Legends is proud to offer unique experiences through several outlets in youth lacrosse.  Legends West teams and Legends Experiences are fun filled opportunities for players to come together and enjoy their time as a group.  Between high level national competition and destination style event attendance there is something for everyone.


Legends West is the highest level of talent and competition we offer.  Legends West teams are NOT meant to replace your local or regional club program but instead to offer an outlet for top players once per season.  Legends West teams are by invite only and extremely competitive. Invites to Legends West teams are primarily done through evaluation through Legends events (tournaments and training) and Experiences as well as through nominations of club directors.  For more information on  Legends West, please contact rory@legendslax.com                                  






Legends Experiences are all custom built to emphasize specific features of each offering.  These experiences will include high level training and competition, destination style ‘family fun’ events, international travel, college tours and much more.  Each Legends Experience is unique and meant to provide for a truly memorable trip. Legends Experiences are open to all youth lacrosse players applicable by age and gender.  These Experiences will include trips to Tahoe, Palm Springs, Rivalry Weekend in Baltimore, NCAA Final Four Weekend and more!